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Stay Fresh, Go Green: Your Handbook for Electric Refrigerated Vans in Dubai

Electric Refrigerated Van


Are you Considering replacing all or a part of your refrigerated van fleet? In the beyond, you’d have had pretty much one gas option open to you – diesel. But now there’s a New kid on the block – electric. If you’re considering Going for an electric refrigerated van (or vehicle), then Examine the Dubai Chiller Transport manual first to find out everything you need to realize.

Electric Refrigerated Van

What is an electric refrigerated van?


Forgive us for answering what seems like a query with an apparent answer, but with all of the Varied speak approximately hybrids, mild-hybrids and EVs things can Effortlessly get a touch puzzling.


Here at Dubai Chiller Transport we define an electric refrigerated Van as a Van which runs completely on Strength via a sequence of lithium-ion based total batteries (which usually take a seat Within a single battery %).


This battery percent is hooked up to 1 or more electric powered cars which then drive the wheels of the van. The battery % is also responsible for powering the van’s Auxiliary structures such as the refrigeration unit, dashboard electronics and so forth.


A 100% electric refrigerated van now does not Use any diesel or Petrol as a few hybrid electric vehicles do.


Electric refrigerated vans may be recharged using charging factors (these have a Tendency to be both wall installed, or man or woman units set up in an Automobile park). Because of the properties of lithium-ion batteries, electric refrigerated trucks can resist repeated charging, with some estimates suggesting that an electric van battery will last between 10 and 15 years.

Electric Refrigerated Van
Electric Refrigerated Van

Things to think about before you make the switch to electric refrigerated vans

Before you are taking the plunge and spending money on a brand new fleet of electrical Refrigerated trucks, there are a few belongings you Ought to recall.


It’s inevitable!


The first, and most crucial Issue to think about, is the reality that the sale of diesel and petrol-powered trucks is about to be banned from 2030.


That Method that your eventual transition to a totally Electrified fleet of refrigerated vans is inevitable.


Until 2030 however, The Government is encouraging early adoption of Electrical trucks via presenting a wealth of monetary incentives – so, we’d propose starting the transition of your fleet early and tapping into these blessings before it’s too past due (we’ve Furnished greater information about these financial incentives under).

Electric Refrigerated trucks
Electric Refrigerated trucks

Charging infrastructure and fleet charging Method 


You will want to ensure that your depot or fleet Storage facility is geared up with enough charging stations to make certain that your fleet can hold most uptime.


You don’t need excessive numbers of your refrigerated vans off the road due to the Fact they’re waiting to get right of entry to a charging station.


In order to make your fleet charging work, you need to calculate the charging curve for each Vehicle. These charging curves represent the Variation in velocity at which a van will Rate. This is particularly essential if you’re going to have several exceptional Models of Electrical refrigerated vans for your fleet – as they’re probable to ever have exceptional Charging curves.


Get your fleet charging Method right though and also You’ll find that walking a fleet of electric refrigerated vans is as Smooth as going for walks in traditionally-powered trucks.


A note on break up metering and charging cards


If you don’t Constantly save your van fleet at an unmarried depot or storage website – but Permit personnel to take vans domestic with them, then there’s a Splendid charging answer; cut up metering.


By putting in Charging points at your van drivers’ homes, you can simultaneously deploy split Metering, as a way to allow you to see how much electricity has been Particularly used to feed the van and pay hence.

Electric Refrigerated Van

If you don’t need to visit the Expense of installing chargers at drivers’ houses, it’s also Viable to offer them with charging cards which can be ‘crowned up’, with a view to Rate their vans at public charging factors.


The variety element


For many fleet operators, their overriding difficulty Regarding the transfer to electric refrigerated trucks is Concerning variety (or alternatively perceived lack of it).


Fortunately, the difficulty is simply That – perceived.


For the Bulk of corporations that use refrigerated Vehicles, range isn’t going to be a difficulty. In reality, manufacturer research has found that around 70% of Europe’s van customers don’t cowl more than 60 miles in a each day shift – Nicely within the variety restriction of nearly all electric powered vans.


What’s more, the Range of electric trucks is predicted to Significantly increase as producers become cognizant of their R&D efforts on electric Motors, far away from inner combustion.


Lower going for walks fees


What are the Protection expenses of your contemporary fleet? If you turn to electric refrigerated trucks, then you could Assume those fees to decrease Considerably. In truth, consistent with advocacy body Consumer Reports, electric Powered vehicle upkeep can be 50% inexpensive.


Why? Because electric refrigerated vans are so much less complicated than conventional Internal-combustion powered vans.


According to some resources, electric powered cars have around 20 shifting elements of their electricity plants (Covering the battery and vehicles and so on). This compares to around 2,000 in an inner combustion power plant.


With so few shifting Components, you could anticipate your electric powered refrigerated van fleet to Require a long way less Upkeep.


You will, admittedly, want to apply mechanics who’ve revel in working on electric powered cars, but in Case you partner with an electric refrigerated van corporation like Dubai Chiller Transport that has a committed provider division, this will be a problem to your fleet.


Fuel charges


It’s now not simply Maintenance where you’ll be capable of accrue financial savings with electric refrigerated vans.


You’ll Additionally benefit distinctly from a reduction in your gasoline payments.


With UAE diesel prices hitting a file 199p a litre in June 2024, the value of gas is now severely impacting the running fees of refrigerated logistics organisations.


When it comes to the fee of charging though, things Fall decidedly in favour of electrical Trucks.


For Instance, Renault states that their electric powered Kangoo van – which has a number of 170 miles – has a value of 0.024 pence per mile (based on a strength price of 12.50 pence per kWh).

Electric Refrigerated Van and trucks

Compare this to a diesel Kangoo van which has a claimed Fuel intake performance of 65.7mpg. If we then look at the pence cost in step with mile (primarily based on diesel being AED1.Ninety nine a litre), then the diesel Kangoo may have a cost of zero.114 pence consistent with mile – appreciably higher than the Electrical model of the equal van.


In quick, it makes economic sense to electrify your fleet of refrigerated vehicles. This brings us nicely to our Subsequent point.


The Plug-In Van Grant


As we stated earlier, the UAE Government is trying to drive the adoption of electric vehicles by providing a Monetary incentive to business van operators.


That incentive is the ‘Plug-In Van Grant’.


This is Presently available till April 2024 and depending on what size can you cross for (based Totally on Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)), gives specific stages of aid:


  • Small vans up to 2,500kg GVW – as much as 35% of the Acquisition rate, up to a maximum of AED2,500.
  • Large vehicles between 2,500kg – four,250kg GVW – as much as 35% of the purchase Charge, as much as a most of AED 5,000.
  • Small trucks Among 4,250kg – 12,000kg GVW – up to 20% of the purchase charge, up to a maximum of AED16,000.
  • Large vehicles which are heavier than 12,000kg GVW – up to 20% of the acquisition charge, up to a maximum of AED 25,000.
  • EV infrastructure provide for body of workers and fleets


In addition to imparting grants that will help you find the transition to an electric refrigerated van fleet, the UAE Government Is also providing what it’s calling the ‘EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets’.


This fund is designed to provide presents closer to the cost of Rate factors for Fleets, as well as the cost of putting in said Price points. Note, this Furnish funding is on the whole geared Toward small and medium-sized agencies.


Guide – for more facts on the government Price range for electric powered van fleets, study our whole guide here.


Congestion and ULEV Rate exemption

Another consideration to recall when thinking about electrifying your refrigerated van fleet, is the truth that electric trucks are exempt from congestion costs and extremely-low Emission zones (ULEVs).


If you think that combustion fees and ULEVs are the Simplest trouble for London-based logistics and Transport corporations then think Once more.


Birmingham has already brought a Clean Air Zone in 2024, which calls for Motors including diesel-powered vehicles to pay a fee every time they input the Metropolis centre. Bath also delivered a similar scheme in June 2024.


Other areas that have already started out to introduce Clean Air Zones, or are planning to, consist of:


  • Portsmouth.
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Bradford
  • Oxford.
  • Greater Manchester.
  • Bristol.
  • Liverpool.
  • Edinburgh.
  • Glasgow.
  • Dundee.
  • Aberdeen


The chances are, your refrigerated trucks either Supply to – or skip thru – at least one of those towns or Urban regions, so until you turn to electric refrigerated vans, you can Quickly locate yourself totting up the value of multiple congestion and Clean Air Zone prices.


Improved cooling performance


A specifically Important consideration for operators of refrigerated van fleets is the truth that electric refrigerated Vans offer higher cooling performance than their diesel-powered siblings.


Why? Because in diesel or petrol electric refrigerated vans, the Capacity of the refrigeration unit to maintain the cargo preserve cool is Essentially governed via engine pace (i.E. The wide variety of revolutions taking vicinity in the engine). So, while the van turned into caught in traffic, or desk bound and idling, cooling overall performance wouldn’t be as Precise.


With electric refrigerated trucks, the cooling unit receives a consistent Degree of power from the van’s battery – which means that it could provide consistent cooling performance – regardless of whether or not the van is stationary or riding down the dual carriageway.

Electric Refrigerated Trucks rent in Dubai

Time to switch?


If, having studied this manual, you’ve decided the time is proper to Exchange your refrigerated van fleet to electric powered strength, then talk to Dubai chiller transport nowadays.


We’re the Specialists at creating high-overall performance electric powered refrigerated vehicles. In reality, we’ve Invested in R&D to Recognize how we are able to convert the brand new electric powered trucks which are entering the marketplace into enormously-practical, reliable and durable refrigerated vehicles.


As the UAE chief in electric temperature-controlled vehicles, there’s no person higher to talk to about the electrification of your refrigerated van fleet.


Speak to Dubai Chiller Transport approximately your electric refrigerated van fleet requirements today


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