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A Complete Guide to Hire a Small Refrigerated Vans

Want To Hire a Small Refrigerated Vans ?

At Dubai Chiller transport, we’ve were given several many years of revel in imparting brand new Small Refrigerated Vans for agencies all across theUnited Arab Emirates. Unlike many lease groups, we Awareness exclusively on refrigerator vans and nothing else, partnering with corporations both massive and small.

If you’re taking into Considerations buying or hiring a small refrigerated van, right here’s our brief manual on what to look out for and the elements you need to remember.

Who need a small Fridge Van?

Small Refrigerated Vans Are generally used by companies that want to transport Perishable goods, together with meals and liquids. Examples consist of:

Food shipping businesses (for example, sandwich and nearby meal transport): Small Refrigerated Vans are beneficial to have In case you shipping meals, in particular in towns and towns where parking can be an trouble.

Grocery and convenience shops: Sole traders and medium size agencies Will frequently use a small refrigerator van for turning in To neighborhood shops of all styles and sizes.

Caterers and occasion planners: Whether you hire or purchase, a fleet of small refrigerated vehicles are a fee-powerful, possible answer for preserving meal’s items as well as liquids nicely chilled for big Activities like weddings and gala’s.

Florists: Especially at some stage in the summer time months, it’s Vital to preserve flower deliveries on the proper temperature in order that bouquets arrive in pristine Condition. Most florists use a chiller Van nowadays.

Medical supplies groups: Many drug corporations, hospitals, healthcare companies and pharmacists use chiller, fridge and freezer vans to hold a selection of different Clinical resources.

You’ll additionally see a small reefer van Utilized by seafood and meat vendors, beer and wine Merchants, neighborhood farms that have stalls at markets, and even food banks and charitable enterprises. Of route, if You convey any type of Perishables frequently, choosing the right length Vehicle is going to be important.

Small Refrigerated Vans

How big are small Refrigerated Vans?

The first aspect to Recall in Case you are hiring or buying a brand new refrigerated van is Whether it meets your needs exactly. The first element to look at is the gap you have. While an everyday small Van might appear large sufficient, you want to keep in mind the distance that the mechanism and the insulation will soak up. It is possibly to Significantly reduce the amount of storage that you need to play with.

If you have got a Steady payload which you need to hold and Small Refrigerated Vans are Simply the right length, then it isn’t a good deal Of a hassle. If you’ve got a variable payload, As an example, in Case you are problem to seasonal highs in which you have got more deliveries, a bigger van can be a Greater fee-powerful alternative.

Another aspect You ought to recollect is the temperature manage mechanism. You May simply want to keep the compartment cool that may imply All you need is insulation. If You require the temperature to be a whole lot less warm, then the selection of mechanism goes to be important. You don’t want this to be too massive so that it takes up a number of room but you do want it to be reliable and powerful.

Small Refrigerated Vans

The insulation for a small refrigerated van is likely To be among 50 and 100 mm Thick, depending on how bloodless you need the compartment. Bare in mind that this is all the way around and may reduce the herbal length pretty drastically. In preferred, You must anticipate the compartment to be approximately 132cm long and One hundred twenty wide with a height of about 106 cm. Of route, this may vary depending on make and version.

Hire or Buy: Which is best?

If you’re making an investment in a small reefer van on your Commercial enterprise, there are a few options to take Into account. You hire your fridge van for a short period, have an extended contract rent or purchase it outright.


Small refrigerated van lease is a good choice if you want a Vehicle to update one this is off the road or you have got a one-off delivery to make. It Can also be a very good choice if you are going By a hectic period and honestly want something to assist take in the slack and upload for your cutting-edge fleet.

Contract Hire 

If you want your refrigerated van for a long time, otherwise you need to expand your fleet, then choosing settlement hire is the Following excellent option. You don’t own the van out right however rent it from a provider for a fixed month-to-month charge. This has the delivered advantage that you get the protection and any Repairs wanted blanketed with in the settlement.

Whether You require a chilled, freezer or multi-temperature van, at FridgeXpress we are able to tailor the Entirety precisely for your wishes. Find out more here.


The other option is to buy the van of your preference and have it converted. This may be plenty’s extra steeply-priced than contract rent. For Instance, you will want to finance the acquisition either thru a mortgage or financial savings and pay for the conversion on top of that. You will even have to cover the fee of repairs and protection.

This may be an awesome choice if you best have one Van however In case you run a fleet it can Fast emerge as unsustainable. In addition, the price of Any car, which include a small refrigerator van is in all likelihood to depreciate through the years so that You might not be able to Recoup its cost while you come to promote.

Can Any Van Be Converted Into a small Reefer Van?

We spend loads of our time changing a Range of various vans so that you can carry refrigerated or Frozen items. One of the companies that we have constructed a sturdy dating with over the last few years is the experts food transport outfit, La Chasse. For them, we need to paintings on a custom-synthetic car that exactly Outfitted their needs. You Can discover greater right here.

Small Refrigerated Vans

Typical models Which might be frequently transformed to fridge trucks consist of:

Mercedes Citan: The van comes in diesel, petrol and electric Sorts and is an all Round performer that is a First rate preference In case you deliver in a massive city or Metropolis. Able to take a payload As much as 667kg its got a Touch extra ability than a few different makes.

Ford Transit Connect: This is any Other outstanding vehicle that may be converted without difficulty into a chiller van. With a load space of 3.6 cubic metres it’s capable of cope with a 982 kg max payload without difficulty.

How do you convert a small fridge van?

Converting a normal van commonly involves putting in a refrigeration unit, insulation, and a electricity Supply (including a battery or generator) to maintain the interior of the van at a selected temperature.

The value of the conversion can Range relying on the scale of the van, the kind of refrigeration unit used, and the complexity of the installation. On average, for a small, refrigerated van you would be looking at around £500 for a Fundamental conversion with simply insulation up to approximately £1500 for a Extra sophisticated device with temperature manipulate.

It is Particularly encouraged to seek advice from a professional refrigeration agency’s like Dubai Chiller transport locate the proper set up and Vehicle.

Electric Vs Petrol Fridge Van 

Many corporations are Searching out ways to lessen their environmental footprint and keep money on gasoline costs on The identical time. Despite growing strength costs, EVs are still greater with in your means to run However it’s crucial to Consider the professionals and cons earlier than you make a decision One manner or another.

Electric Fridge Vans Pros:

Low working prices: Electric small fridge trucks are inexpensive to run In trendy which could Suggest enormous savings over the years.

Zero emissions: Electric vehicles produce no emissions, making them an Environmentally pleasant choice.

Low renovation: With fewer transferring elements than petrol trucks, you Should anticipate less inside the way of renovation and Restore expenses.


High initial fee: Electric vans are Currently more high priced to buy than petrol vans. That Can imply your initial outlay reduces the blessings of lower Running expenses.

Limited charging infrastructure: While charging infrastructure is beginning to Enhance within the Dubai, it’s far Nevertheless a pretty gradual process.

Petrol vans Pros:

Low preliminary value: Petrol trucks tend to be inexpensive to buy than electric trucks, although this will Nicely alternate soon.

Widely available fuelling infrastructure: Petrol stations are Everywhere as compared to electric powered charging stations.

Travel Range: Petrol vans tour a whole lot in addition on a unmarried tank of gas than electric trucks can on a unmarried charge.


High working prices: Petrol vehicles Are greater luxurious to function than electric vans because of the fee of gas. This may Additionally, however, be offset by way of the decreased initial cost of purchasing the car.

Emissions: Despite Enhancements in latest years, petrol vehicles produce emissions which are harmful to the environment and Air exceptional. In some areas like London and other massive towns, you may oughts to pay greater to power a Petrol automobile in sure regions.

High preservations expenses: Petrol trucks have more moving elements than electric vans, which means Extra maintenance and restore charges especially As they get Older.

The choice to head for an electric Powered automobile or a petrol one ultimately comes down to your particular needs and budget. It can be Well worth speakme to the group at FridgeXpress if you need To discover more approximately the blessings and Which satisfactory suits your Commercial enterprise.

Why partner with Dubai Chiller transport?


Dubai Chiller transport is one of the fewest companies in Dubai that is centered Absolutely on refrigerated vehicles. We work with many groups across all sectors to offer’s a bendy service that meets their desired exactly. Our clients vary from small meals delivery businesses to large pharmaceutical agencies.

If you want a small refrigerator van, Our expert crew will tailor its provision to meet your Precise necessities. Our guide Workforce realize extra approximately refrigerated trucks and the way they’re used in distinct sectors than every other group in the UK. You would possibly need a small refrigerated van rent for only some days or even weeks or you can want a Vehicle for a longer-time period agreement hire. You may even need to buy your van outright.

If You want to hire any chiller or refrigerated vehicle on rent, our team is right here to help you. Just give us a call +971 52 627 4944.


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